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Scarlet sentinel      Columnar Apple

This variety produces a very large red to greenish-yellow  crisp fruit.  The flavor is  sweet and juicy.  The fruit ripens in late September.


 (Yes,  that is 3" fruit. )


This not a “vigorous” plant and is very suitable for containers. We have several that have over-wintered in 3 and 5 gallon containers.


Excellent in containers or the ground.  Hardy to Zone 4, and need other apples near-by to produce fruit.


$50  (in 7 gal plastic)

($100 in 7Gal  Korean Mica pots )

These originated from a Canadian breeding program — and are disease resistant and very hardy.


.  They may grow to 10 ft., but can be topped off, which will produce short upright branches. 


Apples form on spikes along the trunk and branches.


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