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Richard & Patrice Meneghelli

31407 Fern Road

Corvallis, OR 97333

We still have several columnar apples in 3 gal ($20) and 7 gal ($35)  pots .  They can be planted even in winter,.! 


The other trees and vines are available now.

Call to reserve yours. 

 Last year we sold out of three of our varieties

by Mothers’ day !!


All are hardy plants to at least 10F

Italian Plum

Semi dwarf. 

Very hardy.

10-12 feet. 

Scarlet Sentinel, columnar Apple.    3’  in 3 gal pot

All 1 gal potted vines are priced at $15.

 2018 Fruit trees are planted in 3 gal pots, —   $20-25(Might have fruit this year)


These sometimes produce fruit the year after planting.

Hardy Vines

Winter Jasmine

Dwarf Honey Crisp Apple. .  8-10’


Dwarf stock   3-5 feet.


We can usually special order plants and trees for you, and save you money.


Pick up at our Fern Road location or we deliver Corvallis/Philomath area for a small charge.

Rose JasmineRose Jasmine

Honey Suckle


Hydrangea Vine


    (not thornless)

Black Tartarian Cherry

Semi dwarf. 

Very hardy.

10-12 feet.