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Hardy Dwarf Fruit Trees

Open by

Appointment Only

Suitable for Patio Containers or Yard Planting

At this time we will have Columnar Apples: 

Scarlet Sentinel (left) ( sweet and crisp… a favorite of ours )

White Icicle  (right)   –New this year —  crisp and “slightly tart”.

Our 12 year old Scarlet  has been producing nicely . 





Our supplier has changed their inventory.  In the past we have  been able to order dwarf pear, plum and cherry among other trees.   We do have a local wholesaler who allows us to order individual dwarf trees. 

Contact us with  your request, and we will see if it is available.


 1 gal 2’ “whip”, as shipped from our supplier.

The tree a year later.

Mature White Icicle