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Richard & Patrice Meneghelli

31407 Fern Road

Corvallis, OR 97333

  We can usually special order plants and trees for you, and save you money.


Pick up at our Fern Road location after

mid-Feb 2024.

 Find us at Corvallis Sat Market.. Starting 

May 2024

Citrus usually produce some fruit the First year


All 1 gal potted  citrus are priced at $25. until Saturday Market, May  2024. (Then $30)  


Citrus trees flower at least twice a year.  These are  grafted to Dwarf Root Stock.

These trees are not winter hardy, and will need to be protected from freezing.

With proper watering and light,  they do nicely as “temporary‘ house plants, but should be transplanted into at least 2 to 3 gallon  pots..

Citrus  Trees for 2024


 Meyer Lemons (always a favorite) Bearrs Lime &  Cocktail Grapefruit


Meyer Lemons have been our best selling citrus for many years.   Young Meyer Lemon  fruit is 1 1/2” to 2”, but as the tree matures, the fruit is 3” or more.   Meyer Lemons are thin skinned with a pleasant sweet lemon flavor. 

Bearrs Lime has a pleasant Lime flavor when Green and slightly soft to the touch.  It becomes sweeter as it ripens to a light Yellow color.

We had the Cocktail Grapefruit a few years ago.  The fruit is about the size of a large orange, and very tasty -=-sweet like pink grapefruit.



Improved Meyer LemonImproved Meyer LemonImage result for kishu mandarin tree

 Improved Meyer Lemon

 Bearrs Lime

 Cocktail Grapefruit

Improved Meyer LemonImproved Meyer LemonImproved Meyer LemonImage result for kishu mandarin treeImage result for kishu mandarin treeImproved Meyer Lemon

<< Our current


24”-30” in 1 gal pots

Image result for kishu mandarin tree